Our Curriculum

Preschool Curriculum:

  • To encourage development of spoken and written language, problem-solving skills, listening skills, and verbalization of feelings.
  • To provide exposure to written language, to encourage name recognition, and to provide opportunities to reproduce a name and print letters.
  • To foster the development of proficiency in manipulating small objects, sorting, matching, pattering, counting, sequencing, and other math concepts and number sense.
  • To encourage independence, sharing, interacting with peers, following directions, and group participation.


Learning and Growing

Next stop, kindergarten! But first, we want to introduce and familiarize your child with the types of schedules and routines he'll find when he gets there. 


Circle Time (9:15 – 9:30)

Once all the children have arrived, our day begins with Morning Circle Time. Here, your child is exposed to many different routines designed to increase his oral vocabulary, social and verbal interaction, and his ability to actively participate in group activities. Circle Time also gives the teacher the opportunity to work with the class as a group before they branch off into smaller groups. Every day your child will participate in challenging routines, like:

Weather Each Pre-K classroom has a "meteorologist" for the day - one child who helps discuss the weather and how we prepare for it.

Calendar A calendar helper helps determine what day it is, the number of days that have passed in the month, how many are left in the month etc.

Job Chart Children are excited about helping out during classroom routines. During Circle Time, the teacher reviews the Daily Jobs.                                  


Activity Time (9:30 - 10:15)

Next, your child will choose which Learning Center activity to participate in. In the Learning Centers, children explore, inquire and discover solutions by themselves, with a friend or in groups.


Songs and Poems

Songs and poems are part of every day in the Pre-K classroom. Of course, they're fun for the children, but we also use them to introduce key concepts such as letters, rhythms, rhymes, vocabulary and sound recognition.


Lunch / Snack Time (10:15 - 10:30)

Each child is supposed to bring a packed Lunch/Snack from home, which he/she will be eating during the Lunch Time.


Math and Reading Time (10:30 -11:30)

Here we introduce Leap N Learn Math and Reading, the Gideon curriculum to your child. Based on his or her ability here your child will be working on the weekly booklets in Math and Reading.

  • Math starting from basic number sense and then to counting and writing numbers (that is Beginners Math in Gideon curriculum).
  • Reading starting with letters, and reading basic words using phonics (that is from Code Busters to Word –builders with storybooks).


Specials (11:30 - 12:00)

During Specials each day your child gets to do a different activity.

Day-1 : Creative Art 
Day-2 : Spanish
Day-3 : Story Time
Day-4 : Science
Day-5 : Music
Day-6 : Computers/Drama


Play time (12:00-12:15)

Our day comes to a close with more outside play and afternoon Circle Time. During afternoon Circle Time, the children will review what they have learned, share their favorite Learning Center project and look ahead to tomorrow.

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